(It's OK if you just skipped to this part!)

When you come into my studio, I will first help you to choose the clothes that will help you to say all you want to say and give you the looks that are right for you, based on your type(s), look, age, etc. I am always watching TV and am obsessed with movies so I see who they're casting and what they're wearing. I've been in the business for a long time and am in contact with casting people and agents and know what they're looking for.

I do a variety of looks and make all kinds of cool things happen to get you those looks by doing different types of lighting, different angles, and by directing you and helping you to get the right vibe depending what we're working on. You don't have to be experienced or comfortable in front of the camera to have a successful shoot with me. People always tell me they're "not good" at getting their headshots taken, but you're not the one who has to be good, I am! (And I am good at it if I can say so myself). When you are with me you are in good hands.

"I'm usually uncomfortable in headshot sessions but you made it most comfortable. Thank you. It's true, what everybody said; you just show up and let Kristin do all the work. she offers a safe harbor, allowing people to comfortably be themselves. The only real problem is there are too many good shots to pick from!"

I use a huge variety of lighting. I can make a sunny day when it's raining or dark out. I can give you moody drama at high noon. Whatever we want whenever we want it. It's really pretty cool!

"These are not your average "cookie cutter" shots, and they really have been getting people's attention. The variety is key for me because I work in print, theater, and everything in between. I finally feel that I have all my bases covered! Thanks again Kristin!"

You will be involved right from the start, I will stop along the way and show you what we're getting. That way, you always know how you are doing, what your hair and makeup look like, if anything needs to be changed (or fluffed! Or flattened!). We work together so you will see the good results immediately and know when we've nailed something amazing so we can move on, or try again if we think you need another chance.

"I really love the shots! I never think I take a good picture. And you somehow shut that voice up in my head long enough to get some beautiful work done. I've had ten friends come around already to help me sort through the sheets, ALL of them wanted your info. All. Ten. Of. Them. Seriously."

The bottom line is that I care about you. I may not know you yet, but when you come in, I will know you and I will care if you get what you're looking for. And if you're not sure what you're looking for, don't worry because I will know what you need! It's what I do, and I'm very committed to doing my personal best job every time. I'm an over achiever, I always do more than I say I will and give more than I say I'll give. Those who've worked with me know this!

"Thanks SO much, Kristin. You are amazing at what you do and your passion really shows."