Driven by sight and observations.

I am a visual person who is driven by my sight and my observations of people. I look at people all the time. On the subway, in the checkout line, on the street. I am endlessly interested in people. I see people and can sense things about them instantly, which either helps me with my work or is because of my work. I'm not sure which.

I am a photographer who is able to bring out the best in someone, bring out the passion in their eyes, bring the look of confidence out. People often tell me when they see my photos that "everyone is so beautiful, but each person looks unique, I feel like I know something about them".

I am a director (finally!) and during every shoot constantly help you to stay focused and real, directing and re-directing you when necessary, so you can say what you're trying to say. Photographs are NOT like acting, getting your headshots done is not really in the skill set that you as an actor are trained for. It is a totally different thing and most people really need assistance to bring out what they want. Some people try too hard, others too little. No one is wrong, it's just that when one person does something authentic, and they FEEL good about it, and then they look at the image and see that they are putting across a completely different message to the viewer, we need to work on things.

I am a lighting person. I have cool equipment at my disposal, but also the know how to use it, the creativity to explore with it, and the drive to try new things. Many of you who have shot with me know my motto already: "never say never!"

I am an art collector. I grew up with art, my parents collected even though we used coupons at the grocery store and shopped sales and all of my brothers and sisters and I had jobs throughout high school and college. They saw the importance of being around art, living with it's influence and finding ways to support the artistic community. We spent a lot of time at galleries and museums growing up. When I met Matt, our favorite thing to do was to walk all over NYC on the weekends buying art from artists on the street, back when SOHO was ALL about art. Our first piece cost $5 and we still love it! 200 pieces later, we have a collection that is so important to who we are. We have met some amazing people and some of our best friends through photographing people and collecting art. We know some pretty spectacularly talented people from ALL of the arts.

I am a designer/home renovator. (OK, I've only done 3 so far but it's a passion I'll always pursue!) My favorite is designing bathrooms. So many options! So much tile! Cool stuff at every turn! I'm hooked.

I am a mother. The most amazing people in my world are my son and daughter. They remind me what it's all about every second. They're cool and beautiful and smart and real. (They also think I take too many pictures of them!)