HEADSHOTS starting at $500

Due to popular demand, I’ve noticed that the industry biggies (agents, managers, casting directors) are wanting to see fresh current images, and the trend to shoot 2-3 times per year with smaller sessions to update looks and concentrate on your casting types is the new norm. Now I am offering a new 2 look shoot at the rate of $500. I want to always be your photographer, and make it possible for you to come back for updates without breaking the bank :) Additional looks can be added for an additional fee.

This is a great option for you if:

- you have new representation (new agent/new manager?) awesome! let's give them the new look they want asap!!!!

- you are someone who plans on doing headshots more frequently to change things up, keep it fresh!

- you just changed/cut/grew your hair (new bangs? grew out bangs? went blonde? dark?)

- you recently shot, have some images that are working but need to supplement to reflect your new direction (glasses? corporate? edgy?)

- on a budget but still want THE BEST?

- you have been working out and want to show that?

- you have a specific look you need for an upcoming audition?

- you need some new website/social media content?

- you just want to come and hang out with me and have fun and take awesome shots!!

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Student Rates $750 

I offer a special rate for acting students for a full session of 5 looks. This comprehensive shoot with multiple backgrounds and lighting types and styles will give you the variety you need for lots of commercial and legit looks!!

This includes K-12, college students at universities, as well as those taking classes at acting schools and in private progams.

If you have a larger group of students, please call me for group rates! You will get an amazing group rate, just let me know how many people you have and we will make it happen!! I can also do "friends" rates where 2 or more come together $100 off per person!

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Repeat Client Rates $775 

Yay! Thanks for coming back!

We will do a full session of 5 looks with a huge variety of lighting styles and background changes. Those who have had headshots with me before and are ready for more fun and an awesome variety of amazing photos will get this discount!!!!!

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Regular Rates $875

You will get a full session of 5 looks and an awesome variety of lighting, background and wardrobe changes! Most people want to go for this full shoot to cover their commercial/legit looks as well as type specific looks (which can include corporate, quirky, sexy, edgy, cop show, comedy etc.)

Go for this if you are starting out, have changed your look dramatically, are breaking into a new market, or haven't shot in years and are reintroducing yourself to the industry.

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The Super Shoot $1200

You want the full range of looks and need a large mix of headshots, portraits, body shots, art/creative images, etc. for websites, social media, personal and professional use. Lots of clothing, background and lighting changes and TONS of amazingly lit super cool shots are about to be yours!!! Book this one!

add to cart   $200 Deposit


How It Works

Your photos will be put online within 2-3 business days of your shoot. You will be emailed a link to your online gallery of images, and will have the ability to share a link with your agents, managers, friends, family, etc. You will be able to order retouching directly through me, and I will advise you on where to get your prints made. Makeup and hair is an additional $175 for women (Super Shoot $250). A $50 fee will be applied for any major hair change.

Men's makeup/hair stylist available $150 (optional). If you choose this, let me know and I will book my stylist for you! Otherwise, I am happy to do small makeup fixes for you. Contact me if you have any questions.