...a reputation as the "best in the business." That does not come easily. It is deserved

Kristin Hoebermann enjoys a reputation as the "best in the business." That does not come easily. It is deserved. After twenty years of headshots, I have never been more pleased than my experience with Hoebermann Studio. Kristin has an amazing eye and a keen sense of what are marketable qualities in her subject. She is also a color genius, picking outstanding wardrobe choices that best feature one's eyes and complexion. Kristin is easy, laid-back, extraordinarily personable, and ensures the session is fun, anxiety-free, and successful. As one of those actors who finds the whole process formidable, she saw that, and saw to it that I was comfortable and confident. I found that to be her special brand of genius, and the entire office exudes professionalism, ease, and care. I had more shots I liked than didn't, and never in my career have I had such a cache of riches. Kristin takes hundreds and hundreds of shots. Perhaps a thousand or more. She stops, edits with you, and continues shooting until you are absolutely sure you have what you came for and shots she feels will steer you into your market. I have friends who have used her, then used another photographer, and after seeing my shots tell me, "I'm going back to Kristin. I don't know why I ever changed." The proof is in the results. I've never booked as much work as I have with Kristin's shots. If you want work, an exceptional photographer, a professional office, an easy-going, fun shoot, a barrel of usable shots, and loyal supporters, I would choose Kristin Hoebermann without a moment's hesitation.